We offer the highest quality firearms from top of the line manufacturers like Browning, Beretta, Kimber, Remingtion, Ruger, and many more. We carry fireamrs to fit all your needs no matter if you are hunting, shooting competitively, or just shooting for fun, we have the firearm that you need to succeed. All firearms are sold in accordance with Federal and Provincial regulations

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1777 Corrige AN IX
Faithful reproduction of the famous French flintlock musket, modified and adopted on the 9th year of..
1777 Revolutionnaire
Representing the infantry gun during the French Revolution, it is the result of the modifications ma..
Known also as Light Cavalry Musket, it reproduces one of the French most famous musket, long for the..
1795 Springfield
Inspired by the Charleville Mod.1763 musket, it was the first military gun produced in the arsenal o..
On 1792 Austria was involved in the Wars of Revolution and of the Empire; the War Ministry in Vienna..
1809 Prussian
Takes its origins from the famous 1777 musket, differing from this only in some minor details. This ..
1816 Harper's Ferry
The U.S 1816 musket was originally produced in the arsenals at Harper’s Ferry and Springfield betwee..
1816 Harper's Ferry Colt Conversion
Between 1848 and 1860 in the Springfield and Harper’s Ferry’s arsenals about 700,000 Model 1816 musk..
1841 Mississippi Rifle
It was considered  the best looking ordnance rifle of the period. The US 1841 was manufactured ..
1848 1st Model Dragoon
Eli Whitney, Jr. manufactured the first run of 1848 Dragoons for Colt at his Whitneyville factory in..
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