The Gun Room at Shooter's Choice is your first stop when shopping for a used firearm. We regularly have over 200 used firearms in our inventory.  All firearms are sold in accordance with Federal and Provincial regulations

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Used Mauser Kar.98a  7.92x57
Used - Rifle
SPECIFICATIONS: Make: German Mauser Model: Kar.98a Carbine Caliber: 7.92x57 Mauser Barre..
Used Mexican Mauser 1936  7.92x57
Used - Rifle
SPECIFICATIONS: Make: Mexican Mauser Model: 1936 Short Rifle Caliber: 7x57 Mauser Barrel..
Used Midland 2600  .30-06
Used - Rifle
SPECIFICATIONS: Make: Midland Gun Co. Model: 2600 Caliber: .30-06 Springfield Barrel Len..
Used Mossberg 640KC Chuckster .22 Mag
Used - Rifle
SPECIFICATIONS: Make: Mossberg Model: 640KC Chuckster Calibre: .22 Winchester Magnum Bar..
Used Mossberg 715T Tactical .22 LR
Used - Rifle
SPECIFICATIONS: Make: Mossberg Model: 715T Tactical Caliber: .22 Long Rifle Barrel Lengt..
Used Norinco SKS  7.62x39
Used - Rifle
SPECIFICATIONS: Make: Norinco Model: SKS Caliber: 7.62x39 Barrel Length: 20" # of Shot..
Used O.P. Drissen & Cie Brazilian Light Minie Rifle .577
Used - Black Powder
SPECIFICATIONS: Barrel Length: 31" Caliber: .577 # of Shots: 1 Class:&nbs..
Used Olympic Arms SGW CAR-AR .223
Used - Rifle
SPECIFICATIONS: Barrel Length: 20" Caliber: 223 REM # of Shots: 5 Class: Restr..
Used Para Ordnance P16.40 .40 S&W
Used - Handgun
SPECIFICATIONS: Barrel Length: 127mm Caliber: .40 S&W # of Shots: 10 Class:&nbs..
Used Parker Hale No.1 MkIII .303 Brit
Used - Rifle
SPECIFICATIONS: Make: Parker Hale Model: No.1 MkIII Caliber: .303 British Barrel Length:..
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